Services We Provide

Basic Carpet Cleaning: First we thoroughly vacuum the carpet with a heavy duty, commercial grade vacuum
cleaner to remove any loose dirt and debris in the carpet. Next we pre-treat any spots or heavily soiled areas to
emulsify the dirt and oils that are stuck to the carpet fibers, followed by application of
Procyon Plus, an all-natural,
green-certified, soap-free solution with a controlled spray over the area to be cleaned. We then use a floor buffer
with a thick pad under it which agitates the carpet and picks up the dirt, leaving minimal moisture in the carpet,
allowing i
t to dry in 1 to 2 hours.

Carpet Protector:  We use Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector which helps the carpet to stay cleaner longer and
to last longer. It adds an extra layer of protection between your carpet fibers and any spots or soiling. Most
carpets are manufactured with stain resistance, and as you walk on it and vacuum it, the protector does break
down. We recommend re-applying it once every year or two, depending on the amount of traffic in your house,
and depending on how long you want the carpet to last.

Odor Elimination: We can take care of odors in your carpet including but not limited to smoke, mildew, and urine.

Spot Removal: Spots and spills happen, and we are always happy to come out for just a spot or two. Minimum
charge of $75 applies.

Area Rugs: We can clean most area rugs, and we clean them right in your home. No need to drop them off

Upholstery: We also can clean most upholstery. At this time we do not clean leather or suede.

Upholstery Protector: Just like the carpet protector, the upholstery protector adds stain resistance to the fabric
helping to prevent future soils from adhering to the fabric.

Vehicles: We clean vehicle interiors as well.

Free Estimates: Call now for help getting a close estimate of what your job will cost. We typically set up a time to
do the cleaning, and when we get to your home we walk through with you and have you show us everything
you're thinking about having cleaned. We then give you an exact price for the job, and at that time you can decide
exactly how much you want to go ahead with.

If it's fabric, we can usually clean it for you. Just give us a call. 651-447-9267